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Art: Nik Poliwko

Art: Nik Poliwko
THE WAR CHIEF premieres LIVE from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Incorporated!

New Pulp creators, Martin Powell (writer) and Nik Poliwko (artist) bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The War Chief to the internet. The first strip is now live.

Tune in now for the start of a new weekly comic strip based upon Edgar Rice Burroughs' historical novel of life and death during the final days of the Apache Wars. It is the fascinating adventure of Shoz-Dijiji, born as Andy MacDuff, and raised as a proud Apache. An honest and sympathetic portrait of Native Americans, ERB drew from his real experience living among them during his early years before becoming the world's best-selling author. Burroughs himself considered THE WAR CHIEF his best and personally favorite novel among his nearly one hundred books.

Art: Nik Poliwko
Also Featuring the All New Weekly Comic Strips:
TARZAN OF THE APES™ by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg
CARSON OF VENUS™ by Martin Powell, Thomas Floyd, and Diana Leto
THE ETERNAL SAVAGE™ by Martin Powell and Steven E Gordon
THE CAVE GIRL™ by Martin Powell and Diana Leto -- Starting in July!

Art: Nik Poliwko


Today on Amazing Stories:

News Roundup - including an uncomfortably large number of articles dealing with bias, racism, harassment and BS that just has got to stop!, Time Machine roundup of the week's most popular posts, and Mark A. Garlick's artwork featured in this week's IAAA Gallery.

Find all this and more here.

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Cover: Jim Garrison
New Pulp publisher Planetary Stories released their 28th free on-line issue. You can find it here.

This issue features new Planetary Stories authors, including "Incident on Titus Thirteen," a great mix of Space Opera, action and humor, by J Eckert Lytle and "Krax Delivered", action-packed
Space Opera by Joel Zartman. Plus tons more!

Go to for more.

Writers, Planetary Stories is hosting a flash fiction contest!
They are paying pro rates for stories.
Get more details here.


Art: Nik Poliwko
Starting June 29th, writer Martin Powell and artist Nik Poliwko bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The War Chief to life in a new webstrip from Edgar Rice Burroughs Comics.

For only $1.99 per month you can subscribe to Edgar Rice Burroughs comics, featuring these All New Weekly Comic Strips:
TARZAN OF THE APES™ by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg
CARSON OF VENUS™ by Martin Powell, Thomas Floyd, and Diana Leto
THE ETERNAL SAVAGE™ by Martin Powell and Steven E Gordon
THE CAVE GIRL™ by Martin Powell and Diana Leto -- COMING IN JULY!

Don't miss the Adventure at
Art: Diana Leto


Art: Janet Harriett
New Pulp Publisher Airship 27 Productions shared the above image on their Facebook page.
Ravenwood - Stepson of Mystery, faces off against an eight foot robot in his newest adventure by Janet Harriett appearing soon in his second anthology collection now in production.

Get Science Right in Canada


Ron Fortier turns over the reins of Pulp Fiction Review to Guest Reviewer Lucas Garrett, who takes a look at Pro Se Productions’ Black Pulp.

Edited by Tommy Hancock, Gary Philips & Morgan Minor
Pro Se Productions
288 pages
Guest Reviewer - Lucas Garrett

Every once in a while a book comes along that changes the playing field, that opens up new horizons where there once were none to be found. BLACK PULP is such a book.
Published by Pro Se Productions, under the careful and diligent leadership of Tommy Hancock, BLACK PULP brings together some of today's best writers to tell stories of the extraordinary, the uncanny, the arcane, but never the mundane.

My fascination with BLACK PULP comes from a deep-seated need to right an unfortunate wrong in literary history.

I am a man of color, and as a man of color, I have read countless tales of adventure and intrigue where the main protagonist was primarily of Caucasian descent. Especially, in the Pulp literature of the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. People of color were either non-existent, servants, savages, or villains to be defeated and subdued. Very few characters of color were treated with the dignity and respect that they deserved. Times were different in those days. Racial politics and culture were the policy of the day, especially in the Deep South, and parts of the North such as New York, Chicago, and Boston. It was a time when people of color were supposed to know their place. It was a dark time in our nation's, and to a larger extent, our world's history. And despite the fact that I now live in a time when many are trying to sugar-coat or forget that period in our history, I refuse to do so. It is a battle scar my country, and our world, must live with, and embrace, in order to go forward, which brings me back to BLACK PULP and its true importance.

BLACK PULP is a wonderful anthology of short stories that expands the world of Tarzan, Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Shadow, The Spider, The Phantom Detective, The Green Lama, Ki-Gor, G-8, Secret Agent X, Secret Service Operator #5, and their contemporaries. And BLACK PULP populates this world with hitmen, boxers-turned-vigilantes, female aviators, wildmen, mercenaries-for-hire, private detectives, femme fatales, naval aviators, freedom-fighting pirates, paranormal investigators, real life lawmen, adventurers, and many more. It is a world where men and women of color are put in dire circumstances, and readers see how they deal with these situations. And these situations are made more perilous due to the times in which these heroic figures live such as Ngola, the African pirate who fights to free all slaves, and to severely punish all slavers from slave trading nations in the early 19th century. Or the real life legendary lawman, Bass Reeves, who blazed a trail throughout the Old West in the latter 19th century. BLACK PULP shows the reader that heroes of all colors and backgrounds can arise in oppressive times when needed.

BLACK PULP is a true no holds barred, adult, and realistic take on the world of the Pulps. BLACK PULP is not for the timid at heart.

When I read the stories, I feel as if I am being transported to the times and places in which these adventures are being told. There is a lived in quality to the stories of this book. I can smell the cigars and perfumes in offices and bar rooms; I can hear tires screeching as robbers or kidnappers try to get away, with the hero in pursuit, as gunshots are heard in the night; I see and hear the clanking of cutlasses and the firing of pistols onboard slave ships, and I hear the rattling of chains being unlocked as slaves of several generations are finally freed. I experience all of this, and more.

More importantly, I can relate with the main protagonists, and their supporting cast, and see the world through their eyes. And I want to see more stories about these characters.

In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing a crossover story starring Charles Saunder's Mtimu and Damballa.Or maybe having Gary Phillips's Decimator Smith and Alan Lewis's Black Wolfe teaming up with Derrick Ferguson's Fortune McCall for a case, or two. Or perhaps having Ron Fortier's Bass Reeves and Derrick Ferguson's Sebastian Red hunt down outlaws. That is how much I love the characters of BLACK PULP. And I see so much potential for more stories with these characters, and new ones as well, who will be as alive and vibrant as Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger. There is a depth to the characters of BLACK PULP that will pull you in, and have you wanting more. And I can see a world where all of these characters can co-exist with the great legends of golden age of Pulp. I can see Decimator Smith and the Green Lama meeting, fighting each other, and then teaming up to fight the villain of that adventure. Or Black Wolfe working with Secret Agent X on a case that brings the mystery man to Port Victoria, South Carolina. The possibilities are endless. I love thinking about it. And I love that BLACK PULP allows me to think about it.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate Walter Mosley, Joe R. Lansdale, Gary Phillips, Charles Saunders, Derrick Ferguson, Alan Lewis, Christopher Chambers, Mel Odom, Kimberly Richardson, Ron Fortier, Michael Gonzales, Gar Anthony Haywood, Tommy Hancock, Adam Shaw, Sean E. Ali, and Russ Anderson on a job well done. Thank you all for creating this fine piece of work that I hold in my hands, read on my Android phone, and my laptop computer. Thank you.

So should you pick up a copy of BLACK PULP? I think that you know my answer.
What are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy, or two! You will not be disappointed.
I'm know I'm not. I'm reading it again right now.

John Mattick on the Importance of Non-coding RNA

John Mattick is a Professor and research scientist at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research at the University of New South Wales (Australia). He received an award from the Human Genome Organization for ....
The Award Reviewing Committee commented that Professor Mattick’s “work on long non-coding RNA has dramatically changed our concept of 95% of our genome”, and that he has been a “true visionary in his field; he has demonstrated an extraordinary degree of perseverance and ingenuity in gradually proving his hypothesis over the course of 18 years.”
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Pulp's power couple, Ginger and Tom Johnson return to The Book Cave to talk dinosaurs, history, the weather, and before we forget, Tom Johnson's new book "Three Go Back". As always the Book Cave podcast crew enjoyed having Ginger and Tom visit and we are sure you'll enjoy the book.

Listen to The Book Cave Episode 236: Three Go Back now at


Pro Se, a cutting edge independent publisher of New Pulp and Heroic Fiction, adds yet another genre to its already stellar catalog- The Modern Crime Novel!  From Author Jason Kahn comes the explosive Police thriller BADGE OF LIES!

“Pro Se prides itself,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se, states, “on providing a wide variety of Genre and Pulp Fiction for readers to take advantage of.  BADGE OF LIES from Jason Kahn is the next great step in doing that.  Equal mixes of police procedural, crime novel, two fisted pulp, and shadowy noir, this novel also explores several deep themes, including the bond of friendship, the choices a person makes that define them, and the extreme grayness that morality can become.   Jason captures each and every character with an almost instant photo type quality- you see them as they exist fully in every moment- and then masterfully pours them together into this hard hitting, fast flowing narrative.”

In BADGE OF LIES, Metro City Detective Frank Arnold has just buried his partner and best friend.  Arnold soon learns that Mitch Connell may not have been the man Frank thought he was.  And Arnold cannot drink away what’s coming.

BADGE OF LIES peels back the hard bitten exterior of two men- One, a recovering alcoholic detective who’s just laid his best friend to rest, the other the dead friend and all the secrets he tried to carry to his grave.  Secrets that Frank Arnold is left to deal with.  Like the grieving mistress who winds up dead.  Ties to organized crime.  A cryptic warning from beyond the grave telling Frank he’s in trouble and not to trust anyone.  This is the legacy Mitch Connell leaves his friend, a legacy that sends Arnold into a crazy game of suspicion, pursuit, and murder.

"Badge of Lies," Kahn explains, "is a story of trust and betrayal, of a good cop who has to do bad things to make things right. Thanks to Pro Se Productions for making this possible, and I hope everybody enjoys the ride!"

In Frank Arnold, Kahn creates a character hard boiled enough to walk fictional streets with Hammett’s and Chandler’s creations! A cop hardened by the job, toughened by the very crime he fights, Arnold will stop at nothing to discover the truth about his partner’s death and stay alive in the bargain.

Can a good cop survive in the big city or does he have to wear a BADGE OF LIES?  Modern Crime Prose from novelist Jason Kahn with an evocative cover by Mariana Cagnin with Fitztown and design and print formatting by Sean E. Ali and eBook design by Russ Anderson!  BADGE OF LIES from Pro Se Productions!

For interviews, review copies, or more information on this book and Pro Se Productions, email Morgan Minor, Director of Corporate Operations, at and check out Pro Se at and!

The Best Enzyme


Better Biochemistry
While I was collecting posts on biochemistry, I came across one that I wrote almost five years ago. It was about a new record for catalytic proficiency. As you know, enzymes speed up reactions that occur naturally and spontaneously. The difference between the spontaneous rate and the rate catalyzed by an enzyme is called the catalytic proficiency.

That old post [Enzyme Efficiency: The Best Enzyme] had a nice graphic showing the spontaneous rates of some reactions that take place quickly inside a cell.

Here it is ....

And here's how the information in that 2008 post got incorporated into the latest edition of my textbook.

Better Biochemistry

This is a "Theme" post where I collect all previous posts on teaching biochemistry and molecular biology.

December 9, 2013
Monday's Molecule #226

December 6, 2013
Die, selfish gene, die!

December 6, 2013
Do you understand this Nature paper on transcription factor binding in different mouse strains?

December 2, 2013
Monday's Molecule #225

November 12, 2013
David Evans Says, "Teach What the Vast Majority of Scientists Affirm as Settled Science"

November 5, 2013
Stop Using the Term "Noncoding DNA:" It Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

October 30, 2013
Time to Re-Write the Textbooks! Nature Publishes a New Version of the Citric Acid Cycle

October 29, 2013
The Khan Academy and AAMC Teach Evolution in Preparation for the MCAT

October 29, 2013
The Khan Academy and AAMC Teach the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology in Preparation for the MCAT

October 29, 2013
The Khan Academy and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Team Up to Teach Evolution and Biochemistry for the New MCAT

October 24, 2013
ASBMB Core Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Matter and Energy Transformation

October 15, 2013
ASBMB Core Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Evolution

October 14, 2013
Fundamental Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

October 11, 2013
ASBMB Promotes Concept Driven Teaching Strategies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Another curious aspect of the theory of evolution is that everybody thinks he understands it. I mean philosophers, social scientists, and so on. While in fact very few people understand it, actually, as it stands, even as it stood when Darwin expressed it, and even less as we now may be able to understand it in biology. Jacques Monod (1974)October 8, 2013
On the Importance of Defining Evolution

October 6, 2013
Teaching Biochemistry from an Intelligent Design Creationist Perspective

October 1, 2013
The Many Definitions of Evolution

September 30. 2013
The Problems With The Selfish Gene

September 18, 2013
Breaking News!!! Wikipedia Is Wrong! (about the Central Dogma)

September 13, 2013
Sean Carroll: 'What Is Science?"

September 13, 2013
Better Biochemistry: Teaching ATP Hydrolysis for the MCAT

September 12, 2013
Better Biochemistry: Teaching to the MCAT?

June 27, 2013
The Best Enzyme

April 16, 2013
Where Do Organisms Get Their Energy?

April 10, 2013
Spontaneous Degradation of DNA

March 18, 2013
Estimating the Human Mutation Rate: Biochemical Method

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Chris Barnes of Dynamic Ram Audio joins host Van Allen Plexico this week on the White Rocket show to discuss the art of creating audiobooks and audio dramas.  From how to produce them to how Chris got interested in the first place, it’s a wide-ranging discussion of a classic form of entertainment that is suddenly new again.

Find Dynamic Ram on the Web at

You can listen to White Rocket 029: The Art of Audiobooks with Chris Barnes now at

This White Rocket episode is available via iTunes (subscribe and don’t miss an episode!) or you can visit the podcast site at

The White Rocket Books page at

Part of The ESO Podcast Network.


The Shadow Fan podcast returns for Episode 37! This time around, New Pulp Author Barry Reese reviews "The Seven Drops of Blood" (1936), "Death from Nowhere" (1939) and The Shadow # 14 (Dynamite Comics). Plus: Listener Feedback focuses on Dynamite's Masks series! It's a packed episode, all of it dedicated to pulp's greatest crimefighter!

If you love The Shadow, this is the podcast for you!

Listen to The Shadow Fan Podcast Episode 37 now at

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Big Finish Productions has announced their latest audio series based on The Avengers.

Press Release:


Big Finish Productions is delighted to announce that it has signed a license with STUDIOCANAL to produce full cast audio productions of 12 lost episodes of the classic TV series The Avengers.

Discover the very beginning of this television classic, as we meet John Steed for the first time! Lost for over fifty years, the missing episodes have been lovingly recreated on audio from the original scripts.

The Avengers first launched in 1961, and starred Ian Hendry as Dr David Keel and Patrick Macnee as the elusive and suave John Steed. Beginning with the murder of Keel’s fiancée, and his sworn intent to avenge her death, that first year comprised 26 episodes. Sadly, only two of them exist in their entirety as film prints (Girl on the Trapeze and The Frighteners), while just the first act remains of the opening episode, Hot Snow.

Working from the surviving scripts, Big Finish will be presenting the adaptations in three four-disc box sets. The scripts will be adapted, with minimal changes, by John Dorney, the director is Ken Bentley and the producer is David Richardson. The executive producers are Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery.

“We are absolutely thrilled to add this wonderful series to our catalogue,” says David Richardson, “and we look forward to faithfully recreating those classic lost episodes. We have two brilliant, high-profile actors for the roles of Dr Keel and John Steed – look out for an announcement of the casting once recording begins in July.”
Patrick Macnee as John Steed

"This opportunity confirms the enduring appeal of this classic TV series and the resonance of the SC collection in the context of British Film and Pop culture," says John Rodden, General Manager Home Entertainment at STUDIOCANAL.

Volume 1 of The Avengers: The Lost Episodes will be released in January 2014 (and includes a full recreation of Hot Snow), with Volumes 2 and 3 following in July 2014 and January 2015.

Each person who pre-orders will be entered into a draw to win a copy of The Avengers: Series 1 and 2 on DVD box set, containing the remaining three first series episodes.

Learn more about Big Finish and The Avengers here.


On July 1 -3, Fight Card Books is making Fight Card: King of the Outback available for Free at Amazon. You can find it here.

About Fight Card: King of the Outback:
Outback Australia 1954

Two rival tent boxing troupes clash over a territorial dispute in the Outback town of Birdsville. In the sweltering heat, tensions simmer, tempers flare, and as things reach boiling point, a boxing tent is burned to the ground.

Fighting men know only one way to solve their disputes, and that’s in the ring. The solution, a show-down, smack-down, winner take all bout between the two rival outfits.

In the blue corner, representing ‘Walter Wheeler’s Boxing Sideshow’ is Tommy King, a young aboriginal boxer with a big heart and iron fists.

In the red corner, representing ‘Arnold Sanderson’s Boxing Show’, is ‘Jumpin’ Jack Douglas, a monstrous wrecking machine from the city – a man who’ll do anything to win.

The fight – brutal. In the world of Tent Boxing, in the harsh Australian Outback, weight divisions and rules don’t count for much. It’s a fight to decide, who is indeed, King of the Outback!

Learn more about Fight Card Books here.


Author Stant Litore shared the cover for his new The Dead Man tale THE DARK NEED, premiering September 2013. Cover art by Jeroen ten Berge.

Learn more about The Dead Man series here.


Mechanoid Press shared a press release with All Pulp announcing their upcoming Robot Stories anthology.

Press Release:


Contact: James Palmer

Mechanoid Press Goes to the Robots
ATLANTA, GA—Mechanoid Press, a small imprint specializing in science fiction and New Pulp e-books is about to be invaded by robots.

The young publisher is releasing an e-book only title called ROBOT STORIES, featuring three tales of mechanized mayhem. Included in this volume will be work by Joel M. Jenkins, James R. Tuck (author of the Deacon Chalk: occult bounty hunter novels), and Jim Kinley.

“With this many Jims involved, it’s sure to be a winner,” jokes Mechanoid Press editor James Palmer. “I’m super excited to have these gentlemen on board. It’s going to be a blast.”

ROBOT STORIES is scheduled for a mid-summer release, and will sport a classic cover by Rondo award-winning artist Mark Maddox.

About Mechanoid Press
Mechanoid Press is a new imprint specializing in science fiction, New Pulp, and steampunk e-books and anthologies. For more, visit or follow the robot revolution on Twitter. You can also like Mechanoid Press on Facebook.

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"Reasons to Believe" in ENCODE

Fazale "Fuz" Rana is a biochemist at Reasons to Believe". He and his colleagues are Christian apologists who try to make their faith compatible with science. Fuz was very excited about the ENCODE results when they were first published [One of the Most Significant Days in the History of Biochemistry]. That's because Christians of his ilk were very unhappy about junk DNA and the ENCODE Consortium showed that all of our genome is functional.1

Fuz is aware of the fact that some people are skeptical about the ENCODE results. He wrote a series of posts defending ENCODE.
  1. Do ENCODE Skeptics Protest Too Much? Part 1 (of 3)
  2. Do ENCODE Skeptics Protest Too Much? Part 2 (of 3)
  3. Do ENCODE Skeptics Protest Too Much? Part 3 (of 3)
The first post is merely a list of the objections many of us raised.

Read more »

One of the Most Significant Days in the History of Biochemistry

Reasons to Believe is "where science and faith converge." It's the organization founded by creationist Hugh Ross, a graduate of the University of Toronto. One of his leading minions is Fazale ("Fuz") Rana, a biochemist.

Fuz says that "September 5, 2012 marks one of the most significant days in the history of biochemistry."

Marc Kirschner Defends Basic Science

Marc Kirschner is Chair of the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. He's a very smart man and a well-respected scientist.1 He has an editorial in the June 14th issue of Science: A Perverted View of “Impact” [see also: In search of big breakthroughs: why attempts to predict ‘significant’ research might backfire in The Boston Globe]

Kirschner says that the emphasis on "significance" and "impact" in making funding decisions is "misleading and dangerous." Nobody can really predict how fundamental research will affect the future. He writes ...
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New Pulp publisher, Big Pulp has released their June newsletter.
Big Pulp Logo

Big Pulp Newsletter
June 24, 2013
LGBT Collection now in print and for the Kindle!
+ Big Pulp Summer 2013 and APESHIT!

Looking for great fiction? Visit the Big Pulp Store on Amazon!

Every issue of Big Pulp magazine is available for the Kindle for just $2.99!

But there's more! You can also find links to short stories, novels, and story and poetry collections by our Big Pulp authors, in either print or ebook editions.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of books competing for your dollars on Amazon. Let us help you find the good stuff! Though these collections are not published by us, these authors have all received the Big Pulp thumbs up, appearing at least once in our pages. Why gamble when we've gone through the slush pile for you?

Like Big Pulp, our Amazon Store has a wide range of work - SF, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, and romance. Check it out! You'll be glad you did!

Clones, Faires & Monsters in the Closet
Clones, Fairies 
& Monsters in the Closet
Gay warlocks, lesbian warriors, bi-curious neighbors, super-queeroes, prison bitches, freedom fighters, and drag queens occupy this collection of LGBT-themed SF, mystery, horror, fantasy, and romantic fiction! Available now in print and for theKindle on Amazon!

Support our IndieGoGo campaign! 
Big Pulp can't survive on submissions alone! Check out our newest IndieGoGo campaign to get copies of our Summer 2013 issue, our LGBT book, our upcoming monkey-themed anthology, original art, Jankies, and other goodies! 

Big Pulp Summer 2013: Catskin
The son of a smalltown sheriff takes crime prevention into his own hands, but curiosity may kill the cat, in Arley Sorg's "Catskin", the cover feature to the Summer 2013 issue of Big Pulp! This issue has a spooky cateye cover by Phil Good and more than 20 SF, Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery stories and poems! 
Who doesn't love a monkey? This collection is chock-full of 200+ pages of giant apes, detective chimps, helper monkeys, gun-toting gorillas, occult orangutans, militant marmosets, time-traveling capuchins, zombie fighters, winged servants, astronauts, missing links, ice cream treats and infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters!  

Big Pulp is CLOSED for submissions

Big Pulp's latest submissions period closed on May 31. We are reading and selecting work for publications scheduled for 2014. If you submitted during this period and haven't heard from us, be patient! We're reading and re-reading and making tough decisions from among the great work we received. 
We plan to announce our next themed collections soon! Join ourFacebook page or follow us on Twitter to be sure you get the news! 

Big Pulp Spring 2013 Big Pulp Winter 2012 Big Pulp Fall 2012 Big Pulp Summer 2012
Visit the Big Pulp online store for more! Big Pulp Spring 2012  Big Pulp Fall 2011Big Pulp Winter 2010

Big Pulp print and ebook editions

Big Pulp is available in print directly from the publisher. Click here for our online store, including links to each issue's contents and samples stories published online. 
Big Pulp ebooks are just $2.99 - available for the  Kindle from Amazon and for all other ebook formats from Smashwords. 

Are You A Small Press Publisher?
Big Pulp is open to trading ads or web links with other small press publishers. If you publish a fiction or poetry magazine, 
either in print or on the web, and would like to trade ads or links, please contact us at  
Big Pulp also is expanding its outreach through small press festivals and genre conventions. If you'd like to share space withBig Pulp at an event, please contact us for details.