Saturday, April 27, 2013

DNA: Nature Celebrates Ignorance

Some freelance science writer named Philip Ball has published an article in the April 25, 2013 issue of Nature: Celebrate the Unknowns.

The main premise of the article is revealed in the short blurb under the title: "On the 60th anniversary of the double helix, we should admit that we don't fully understand how evolution works at the molecular level, suggests Philip Ball."

What nonsense! We understand a great deal about how evolution works at the molecular level. Perhaps Philip Ball meant to say that we don't understand the historical details of how a particular genome evolved, but even that's misleading.

I've commented before on articles written by Philip Ball. In the past, he appeared to be in competition with Elizabeth Pennisi of Science for some kind of award for misunderstanding the human genome.

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Let's look at what the article says ...
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