Saturday, October 5, 2013

Barry Arrington, Junk DNA, and Why We Call Them Idiots

You're really not going to believe what's going on over at Uncommon Descent. Not only are we witnessing the meltdown of Barry Arrington, but we may also be witnessing the beginning of the end of Intelligent Design Creationism. The IDiots are manoeuvring themselves into such an extreme position that no intelligent person can possibly support them. Just read the comments.

I'm reminded of the word "pathos" but I had to look it up to make sure I got it right. It means something that causes people to feel pity, sadness, or even compassion. It's the right word to describe what's happening. It's also similar to the word "pathetic."

Here's what's happening.

As you know, Barry Arrington claimed that the IDiots made a prediction. They predicted that there's no such thing as junk DNA. They predicted that most of our genome would turn out to have a function [Let’s Put This One To Rest Please]. That's much is true. It makes perfect sense because an Intelligent Design Creator wouldn't create a genome that was 90% junk.

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