Friday, October 4, 2013

Intelligent Design Creationists Make a Prediction: How Did It Work Out?

Intelligent Design Creationism is often criticized for not making testable predictions. But as it turns out the movement HAS made a number of predictions. For example, they predicted twenty years ago that "Darwinism" would be dead by now and everyone would believe in God.

Okay, so that one didn't work out very well. What about the other predictions? Barry Arrington, that well-known science expert, lets us know about a prediction that turned out to be correct according to his understanding of biology! [Let’s Put This One To Rest Please]
Elizabeth Liddle from a prior post: “Darwinian hypotheses make testable predictions and ID hypotheses (so far) don’t.”

This statement is breathtakingly false. Let us take just one example. For years Darwinists touted “junk DNA” as not just any evidence but powerful, practically irrefutable evidence for the Darwinian hypothesis. ID proponents disagreed and argued that the evidence would ultimately demonstrate function.

Not only did both hypotheses make testable predictions, the Darwinist prediction turned out to be false and the ID prediction turned out to be confirmed.

EL, you are entitled to your own private opinion. You are not entitled to your own private facts. And when you make it up as you go like this, be sure you will be called out.
Did you remember to turn off your irony meters?

Wanna see some examples of predictions that would falsify Intelligent Design Creationism? Go to: Predictions of Intelligent Design Creationism.