Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baldness Is not a Disease. It Does not Need to Be "Cured"

A recent article in New Scientist made me annoyed. The title in the print edition is Cure for Baldness Finally Cuts It. It starts off with ...
We may be a hair's breadth away from a cure for baldness.
Baldness is not a disease so it doesn't need to be cured.1 Gray hair is also not a disease and neither are the wrinkles that appear on your face as you get older.

You may choose to disguise baldness with hair transplants or paint your white hairs to make it look like you don't have them. You can even inject botox to hide wrinkles. If you do this, the only disease you have is vanity. And stupidity, for letting the cosmetic industry trick you into feeling guilty about a perfectly natural phenomenon.

I'm never going to let my tax money pay for your vanity "cure." Don't even ask if it should be covered by our public health insurance.

1. Don't quibble. You know that what I'm talking about is the normal kind of baldness in men that develops as you get older.