Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Molecule #223

Last week's molecule was a Holliday junction, one of the key intermediates in recombination. It's named after Robin Holliday who has since retired from science to concentrate on being a sculptor. He has produced several "biological" sculptures including "DNA Structure" (top) and "Cross Over" (bottom). The winner is Caroline Josefsson from British Columbia. The undergraduate winner is Andrew Wallace but since he lives in Australia, I suspect he won't be coming to lunch [Monday's Molecule #222].

Today's molecule (below) is not one of my favorite molecules for many reasons. However, it's pretty important in some species. Name the molecule, being as specific as you can without resorting to IUPAC rules. I need the most common name as well as a more detailed name.

Email your answer to me at: Monday's Molecule #223. I'll hold off posting your answers for at least 24 hours. The first one with the correct answer wins. I will only post the names of people with mostly correct answers to avoid embarrassment. The winner will be treated to a free lunch.

There could be two winners. If the first correct answer isn't from an undergraduate student then I'll select a second winner from those undergraduates who post the correct answer. You will need to identify yourself as an undergraduate in order to win. (Put "undergraduate" at the bottom of your email message.)

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